For the moment Venezuela is violent crime and a big risk: it's no option.


In 1995 this country was peaceful and adventurous.

Venezuela Venezuela

Salto Angel(979m) drops over the edge of the Auyan-tepuy mountain in Canaima NP, a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Gran Sabana region of Bolivar State.A tepuy is a table-top mountain/mesa,the remains of a large sandstone plateau, which hosts a unique array of endemic plant and animal species.

From Ciudad Guayana to St Elena de Uairen(474km) crossing the Gran Sabana with PN Canaima on the right and Roraima on the left.
Piedra de la Virgen,kilometro 88,on our way to Gran Sabana.
Latin-American waterfalls are some of the largest and most strikingly beautiful in the world.
Salto Aponguao(Salto Chinak-Meru) in La Gran Sabana(South-East Venezuela) drops from a height of108 m.It's 40 km from the indian village Iboribo.
Gran Sabana from Santa-Elena de Uairen(fronteer with Brazil).
Landscape with Roraima on the horizon.
Ciudad Bolivar:Mirador Angostura along Rio Orinocco.
Ciudad Guayana:Parque Cachamay with Saltos del Rio Caroni.
El Dorado(Rio Cuyuni).

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